Niu M+Sport Electric Moped

Niu M+Sport Electric Moped

The NIU M+Sport is an electric smart scooter created by an innovative Chinese company that is founded by the former CEO of Baidu (the Chinese Google) and a former employee of Microsoft.

Their purpose is to create a high quality electric scooter with the latest technologies and design.

The M+Sport is a special version of the widely popular M-Series. The scooter is re-designed for use by 2 passengers and is equipped with an extra strong battery and motor.

The M+Sport is provided with Panasonic 18650 Lithium-ion battery, of the same type as the batteries in the Tesla Model S. The battery provides a range of 130 km. NIU offers 2 years warranty on the battery. The scooter can be charged at any regular power outlet.

The M+Sport is a smaller and lighter scooter than the NIU NGT. The scooter is provided with a 1,200 watt Bosch electric motor. The motor is designed to achieve a smaller energy consumption while maintaining fast acceleration for city use.

The M+Sport has received extra attention to safety. The scooter is equiped with an EBS braking system for a braking distance of just 1.4 meters. The system also provides in a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) or regenerative braking in which energy from braking is returned to the battery.

The M+Sport headlamp uses a state-of-the-art silicon on silicon LED technology. This technology outputs greater luminosity while reducing energy use. The lamp has been designed to provide low and high-beams for a comfortable visibility field.  With a 270° visibility, the M+Sport taillight provides an added layer of safety, and a distinctive and iconic design.

The M+Sport has a 360° Light Halo around the scooter for safety to ensure pedestrians and drivers can see you at night. To further increase safety, the M+Sport has automatic turn indicator lighting. The M+Sport also has hazard lamps.The M+Sport is a true smart scooter that connects to a smart phone. Everything from battery monitoring to GPS to ride history, the NIU app keeps the driver connected and up-to-date with the whereabouts and health of the M+Sport.

The app provides in an anti-theft system that warns the driver when the scooter is moved. With GPS it is possible to track the position of the scooter in real time.

The M+Sport has cruise control, parking assistant, a sensor based safety alert system and much more smart features. The scooter has a remote control to locate the scooter in the dark. When pressed, the scooter lights will turn on and the scooter will make a sound.

The scooter has two driving modes: Lite and Sport.

Battery 18650 Lithium
Range 90 km
Charge Time 5-6 hours
Power 1.2 kW (1.6 hp)





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