Invercargill Last in NZ For Uptake of Electric Vehicles.


       “ It is sad and difficult to understand that Invercargill ranks last in NZ for the uptake of Electric Vehicles while our nearest neighbour, Dunedin, is at the top of the rankings,” says Alex de Boer Managing Director of Invercargill based EV specialist, The Electric Motor Vehicle Company Ltd.


      Yet Invercargill is essentially flat and could lead NZ in this new technology uptake.

     “ It is the future of transport and I can assure you that once you have driven them you won’t want to go back to a traditional petrol or diesel vehicle. There is no conventional gear box or starter motor and acceleration is smooth, instant, and very fast, “ says Mr de Boer.

     There are very few moving parts that wear out and these vehicles could achieve a million KM or more in their operation.

    The batteries have an alternative life once they can no longer power the vehicle.

       “ Many people believe there is a range issue but this is not true, “ explains Mr de Boer. “ If this is an issue for you it just means you have the wrong vehicle. Fast charging during a journey should be seldom necessary and only for emergencies. Your charging should be at home, at work, or wherever you are staying overnight. Frequent fast charging does shorten the battery life and can be very inconvenient for most travellers.”

      The savings in running costs and maintenance over traditional vehicles can exceed 80%.

     “ I expect them to hold their value very well. With Governments all over the world pushing  to reduce our carbon footprint and with vehicles contributing to a large part of this, together with improving our  health by not having to breath in such noxious fumes, the push to transition  to this new technology will continue to get stronger, “ says Bob Turner, Sales Manager at TEMVC.

     At The Electric Motor Vehicle Company Ltd we specialise in all forms of electric transport and can sit down with you to answer your queries and fears and find the best solution for you. We can also arrange finance and have a great 5 year lease option with a vehicle upgrade at the end of the lease.

    Why not come in and talk to us.     “ Let us , together, make this the EV capital of NZ so others can look up to our example.”