Own a Leaf, or want to?

Do you own a Nissan Leaf? or are you looking to purchase?

Check out the Owners manual, to get a feel for how Leaf’s operate, the smart systems they employ and the cool features you can play with!  Just follow the link  Nissan Leaf Owners Manual

Lets get Technical! About Batteries

For those interested in some behind the scenes tech info on electric batteries, follow this link to a chapter on EV Battery Tecnologies

It details the design and use of electric batteries and the calculations involved in power requirements for Electric Vehicles and also provides further references to check out for the very keen.

Also, check out this independent report on electric batteries commissioned by EECA providing unbiased straight up info on electric batteries. EECA Vehicle Battery Report

NOTE: Please note, design and material combinations are constantly evolving and the comments presented are now some 6 year old. However the basic parameters remain the same.

Are EV’s expensive to run?

Electric vehicles are significantly cheaper to run than petrol and diesel cars, charging an EV is the equivalent to buying petrol at 30cents/L !  also because electric motors have fewer moving parts their maintenance costs are very low.

BEV’s and PHEV’s are exempt from Road User Charges (RUC) until 2021 saving an EV driver an average of $600/year.

Can I test drive an EV?

Yes, yes, yes!

Just send us a message through our contact page, one of our salespeople will be in touch and we can arrange a test drive for you!

What is an EV?

EV is code for ‘Electric Vehicle’ and refers to any vehicle powered by one or more electric motors from energy stored in rechargeable batteries.

Hybrid, BEV, PHEV????

All are short hand for different variations of Electric Vehicle (EV)


BEV = Battery Electric Vehicle – powered only by electrical energy, the battery is charged by plugging into a power source.


Hybrid = A vehicle powered by a combination of electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) but the battery is solely charged by the ICE and regenerative braking – i.e. it doesn’t plug in.


PHEV = Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle – Powered by an electric motor and an internal combustion engine (ICE). The battery is charged through regenerative braking, the ICE and by being plugged in to a power source.